The most in version! 10 interesting facts about "Erling Burt Haland"

18 May

After the Bundesliga return, many people might have watched a big match like Borussia Dortmund attack Schalke 04 4-0.In this game, one of the most outstanding people would not be able to show the form of Erling Harland to the best of many. People believe that he will be able to become the world's foremost footballer soon and here are 10 things to know about this 19-year-old from the official website of the Bundesliga.1. Born in Leeds, England Alf Ingkehaland, his father, is a private agent, a Premier League footballer who has played for both Nottingham Forest, Leeds United and Manchester City and himself. Was the cherished son of this year in 2000 during Leeds.

2. Score up to 9 goals in one game

Haland scored a hat-trick of hat-tricks in the U-20 World Cup game in 2019, bringing Norway to a 12-0 attack against Honduras and despite not being knocked out, he also won the goalscorer. Casual

3. Playing in a large group at the age of 15

Haland has followed in his father's footsteps by playing for his home team, Bryn FK, as the first club.

4. Seoul Char Child

Ole Gunnar Solchar, the legendary Manchester United manager and manager, had drawn Halland to the mold when he was in charge of his hometown club. Mold him up until today.

5. Want to be a New Zlatan

Haland has a height of 194 Centimeter is just 1 centimeter away from Zlatan Ibrahimovic and he himself admits that this 38-year-old indie spearhead is an idol.

"I have many prototypes, but Zlatan is the most influential person. Both the way he gets to the climax, the style of play and he is also a Viking player that must have someone to take over, "Haland said.

6. The record breaker

Since playing football, Mahaland has almost countless records, such as Is the youngest player to score a hat-trick from the first half and score 10 goals the fastest in the UEFA Champions League history. Other than that with the Bundesliga Also being the first to score 7 goals in the first 3 matches

7. Speaking heavily, sting heavily.

Haland is a player who has not spoken much since since then. And in the latest post-match interview with Schalke 04, he only spoke 13 key words.

8. The UEFA Champions League song is my favorite song.

At one time, Maximilian Vobre, teammate Red Bull Salzburg, had heard Halland play the UEFA Champions League song, and he himself came out later to acknowledge, "I listen to champions. League Since childhood And it should already be my favorite song. "

9. Almost coming to play for Hoffenheim

Hoffenheim almost got Haland in 2016, but he chose to play for Mold because he thought it would be better for development. And this is probably the same reason we haven't seen him in Manchester United this season.

10. Door collapse machine

Haland is a player who finds a hole and scored a very sharp goal. In 21 shots against Dortmund in the Bundesliga, he was able to score 10 goals, as well as other programs. Can score more than 2 goals

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